Kaleidofolk's Songs

Song Index

Note: This index contains all of the songs in our repertoire, plus some we're working on, and a few we're thinking of working on. Lyrics are here only for the songs we have permission to post, which is mostly our own stuff and stuff by that famous but elusive songwriter, Trad.

Songs we can't post lyrics for may eventually collect links to concerts, links to the songwriter's website, and assorted notes. Look for the song pages to get prettier and more interesting in the future, and for the indices to be more helpful.

oggmp3pdftime Title
pdf A (Loose) Canon for St. Murphy
Bells of Norwich
Bells of Norwich
Forty-Five Years
pdf The Fox
Gentle Arms of Eden
Lord Of the Buffalo
The Mary Ellen Carter
Mary O'Meara
Mother I Climbed
pdf The October Country
Phantom Doll
pdf Seven Together
Ship of Stone - descant
pdf Ship of Stone
Stars and the Moon
Stars and the Moon
Tow Rope Girls
When I Go

Compact index:

This compact index is here so that somebody who already knows the short filename of a song can find a link to it quickly without having to scroll.